Daniel Jamison DMX Lighting 101

Daniel Jamison international speaker and world renowned stage hypnotist. Founder and CEO of Firemind Productions will be presenting DMX Lighting 101  on the main stage at Firemind Entertainment Expo. Dan also has a deep background in theater production  . He was the back stage director for Kirtland Center for the performing arts from 1994 to 1998 and is Partnered with the Houghton Lake Playhouse as well as being a certified DJ with ADJ.  This presentation will give you the knowledge you will need to take your show to the next level, learn just what DMX Lighting is and just how you can quickly and easily use it to bring your next gig to a whole new level. This presentation will teach you how to create lighting scenes,  how to set up master and slave lighting, as well as how to set your lights to your venue no matter what the size. Dan will show you how to create amazing colors as well as change colors and patterns on the fly ! Don't let Dmx intimidate you any longer .